Jessica (b.1981) was raised in Buffalo,NY into a family of artists. She began developing her photography at age 16 with a Pentax K1000 at the Maine Photographic Workshops. After receiving a B.A. in Photography from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University she moved to Manhattan. Since 2005 she has been based in Milan, Italy where she has began her photography career. She moved to production in 2015 and is currently the senior producer at Amazed By Productions.

Photography Clients

Conde Nast Traveler, Saveur Magazine, The Financial Times, Global Citizen, Ignant.de, Huffington Post, Gentleman Mag, Esquire UK, Caracterè, Bav Tailor, Opaline Resort Wear, Mario Dice, Capucci, Banca Cariparma, Toy Watch, MUKKI, Getty Images, SCA, Picture Farm Productions, Victory Magazine

NGO's ActionAid Italy, Global Fund for Women, Engenderhealth, Fondazione Ambrosoli, Journey's End, MAP Buffalo, Assoc. Qui Donna SiCura, Uthando SA

Production Clients

Fresh Cosmetics, Picture Farm Productions, Redhouse Productions,Moncler, Giorgio Armani, Prada, Furla, Max Mara, Vogue Italia, Loropiana, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Microsoft, Zegna, to name a few

Photographers Christian MacDonald, Brett Lloyd, Sam Rock, Mario Sorrenti, Vanina Sorrenti, Annemarieke Van Drimmlen, Tyler Mitchell, Gregory Harris, Lachlan Bailey, Oliver Hadlee Pearch, Vito Fernicola and many talented others.